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Alethea cheng Fitzpatrick

Margenett Moore-Roberts

Since leaving Yahoo, I’ve spent some time reflecting on how to bring parts of the inclusion practice we started into non-corporate environments. I’m excited to be able to continue our practice with the Going There workshops.

While there is still plenty of work to do in corporate America, I strongly believe that these workshops can have a fortifying affect for the individual change agents who work everyday to redesign the business, market and human systems that power corporate environments.
— Margenett Moore-Roberts
The Seeing White podcast had a huge impact on my understanding of so much of what we see playing out today. Almost every social issue that we face can be traced back to the systems of oppression that were embedded into very foundations of our society.

Understanding this more clearly was at first validating - it explained a lot - and yet debilitating. But it has become profoundly liberating to be able to see what was designed to be invisible - because that is how we can deconstruct it and create a new reality.
— Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick

Margenett Moore-Roberts is an experienced facilitator, inclusion coach, and diversity strategist. She pioneered Yahoo’s Office of Inclusive Diversity and served as its first Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, successfully elevating inclusion and diversity as mission-critical initiatives for the web services giant. 

Margenett drove the development of Yahoo’s corporate point-of-view on inclusion and represented the company at national events, including the White House Conference on Inclusive STEM Education, the Watermark Conference for Women, Big Omaha, Grace Hopper, the National Diversity Council, AdColor and more. Her point of view was featured in digital publications, including TechCrunch, the Huffington Post, BBC Worldwide (London) and Tech Diversity Magazine. Margenett’s honors include being recognized as a Top 50 Multi-cultural Leader in Tech (California Diversity Council), a 2017 MAKERS@ Awardee and winner of Marissa Mayer’s CEO Excellence Award. 



Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick is a women’s leadership and team development consultant. Her mission is to help companies and organizations cultivate women as leaders through inclusive models of leadership that will make the world a better place for all. She helps leaders and teams align with their values and what naturally energizes them in order to do their best work without sacrificing themselves or others in the process.

An Advanced Certified Coach with the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership and an MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Certified Practitioner, Alethea is also the founder of Photosanity, where she helps parents find joy and connection through photographing their kids. 

Alethea was previously a licensed architect with almost 20 years of experience managing workplace strategy and corporate headquarters projects. Born and brought up in the UK, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her 9 and 6 year old boys.

Alethea writes about diversity, inclusion, gender and race on Patreon