Race Equity: A New Reality




Are you tired of shaking your head and stomping your feet in resigned exasperation about the current state of race equity in this country? Do you want to gain a more informed and constructive point of view on systemic racism?  Do you want to be a part of a new community committed to ending system racism? 


How did we get here?

Systemic racism is the compounded result of centuries of legislation, customs and manufactured beliefs that were designed to intentionally elevate the White race over all other races for the benefit of economic, social and political power. 

Since details about the race-based agenda used to establish the governing laws and statues of this country were omitted, hidden, from mainstream education, most of us were never educated about the racist motives of the founding fathers. Instead, our education was acquired through experiencing White Supremacy and Non-White Oppression. 

Systemic racism is the root cause of inequity among races. It is insidious and has been allowed to infest every facet of our society, causing generations of havoc - confusion, misunderstanding, frustration, anger, hatred, disconnection -  between races.

In order for race equity to become a reality, the systems that have historically advantaged White people over Non-White people must be identified and redesigned to promote equity for all races. As individuals, we influence, benefit, and perpetuate the systems that allow this country to operate as it does. It is up to us to disrupt the systems that promote supremacy and oppression and rebuild those systems to promote restorative equity. 



With the help of the Scene on Radio Seeing White podcast, we will explore the intentional design of systemic racism in America and:

  • confront our own complicity in race-based systems
  • affirm our power to redesign systems that promote, maintain, or exacerbate race inequity
  • cultivate and enable new communities of change agents identify, disrupt and re-design inequitable systems

Why attend the workshop?

The tradition of avoiding difficult conversations in our society has long had a polarizing impact on our communities and country. We seek comfort and validation for our own perspectives from like-minded comrades, reinforcing systems of beliefs that are rooted in partial knowledge, a lack of awareness and limited connection to a broader set of people and perspectives.

Using knowledge, awareness, and direct connection Going There provides a constructive framework for exploring a broader set of perspectives and the opportunity to develop an evolved, more fully informed system of beliefs around topics that have traditionally been too difficult to have.

Through these workshops, we hope to the knowledge, awareness & connection will inspire and enable new communities of change agents to begin creating a new reality around race equity in this country.


Who should attend?

Going There workshops are for people of all backgrounds who are ready to create a new reality around human relations in this country. Our workshops will focus on knowledge, awareness & connection with a intentional bias toward inclusion and equity.


What to expect

  • Pre-work. To promote constructive discussion, workshops will be anchored to a common base of knowledge that we’ll ask all participants to become familiar with prior to the workshop.
  • Healthy debate. The opportunity for individuals to incorporate new perspectives into their belief systems is rooted in the support and challenge model - our aim is to support the person while challenging limiting ideas and perspectives.
  • Knowledge. Learn something new, acquire new information about old topics and expand the base of knowledge that forms your belief system
  • Awareness. Begin to understand how these topics impact individuals from different perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Connection. Engage with individuals from diverse perspectives, acknowledge differences and cultivate common-ness.
  • Action. Use newly acquired knowledge, awareness and connection to become a change agent across communities you influence.


  • Listen to episodes 1-7 of the Seeing White podcast

  • Invite 5 friends to join the workshop with you



  • Join and contribute to the Facebook Going There forum

  • Connect with others from the workshop to discuss your experiences

  • Bring a friend to the next workshop

  • Optional: For deeper 1:1 discussions, schedule a coaching session with Althea or Margenett


What to bring to the workshop

  • Reactions to the Seeing White podcast

  • An open mind

  • A brave heart

  • A desire for real connection

  • A genuine desire to have a positive impact on human relations in this country